The recent years have seen a flurry of interest in the kind of floor finish accorded to the floors by the homeowners.  Unlike before when the floor was left to abuse with no need for aesthetics or any protection, today every building whether industrial, domestic or commercial is being given that fine finish to ensure durability, beauty as well as various other functions. Of all the fine coatings that exist, the concrete floor coating has emerged the most popular amongst building owners.

No other part of the house is prone to abuse than the floor. Whether it is the abrasion, water and chemical spillage, thermal and electrical contact, the kind of physical strains endured by the floor are endless. With that in mind it is always important to have the coat that will withstand the worst of the attacks. The conditions that the floor is to be protected from are various and the intense of each is different from the other, the secret hence lies in being able to choose the material that will protect from any condition that can be experienced. The concrete floor if left uncoated is porous and accumulates dust easily. It is also bound to give in after some time to all the physical and chemical abuse infringed upon it. The concrete floor coating is the best when it comes to such instances, it is not built for aesthetics but it is made for endurance and durability. More else, those who are looking for that fine finish can always add ceramic or wood tiles on top to add to the beauty of the floor.

For most architects or building supervisors, the hardest part of the finishing is to select the best material for the floor; a material that will combine some aspects of aesthetics, durability and low cost maintenance. Before settling on the material to be used there are often a few factors that need to be put into consideration.

The surface of the floor must be closely examined to ensure it is clean and devoid of any kind of contamination that could infringe on ability to bond with the concrete coatings. If it is revealed that the floor surface is dented, cracked or uneven, patching and leveling are carried out to ensure a perfect fit of the coating to be used. Depending on the type of the coating to be used, whether thick or thin, the surface will be adequately prepared to accommodate that.

Other considerations that have to be observed are the performance conditions. It is crucial to know what kind of exposure the floor will be subjected to; whether thermal, abrasion or chemical exposure. Although there are other various factors to be considered, the concrete floor coating can give that fine and durable finish that emphasizes on endurance without need to do a lot of diy concrete repair, cost effectiveness as well as aesthetics.

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